A roundtable interview in the good company of Tim Belber, Phil Cubeta, Randy Fox, me and John A Warnick.
Key Takeaways:
  • As record numbers of boomers approach retirement age, their focus shifts to distribution of assets rather than accumulating wealth. Are your clients’ heirs prepared to receive it
  • Affluent millennials look for ways to have impact rather than just give away dollars
  • If you try to profit from the generosity of others, you are likely to fail. However, if you want to leverage your talents as an advisor by working with those who are generous, then you can become a magnet for some of the best, wealthiest and best-connected people in your community.
  • The most effective philanthropy needs to be driven not by balance but by three things: head, heart and mind.
READER NOTE: Many of the contributors to this discussion will be presenting at the Purposeful Planning Institute’s Annual Rendezvous, August 5-7, 2015, in Broomfield, Colorado.