Free Gift

On US Air next to elegant older couple. I was assigned the window seat but did t make him move. So I am in the aisle. Food cart comes by. I get a cheese plate. Pay with my credit card. The gentleman and lady want the same thing. Credit cards only accepted. They want to give me money and for me to use my credit card. I say ok. The flight attendant pulls their cheese tray and I give her the card. She checks and I nod I am paying for them and say yes. But I refuse their money. I wave them away when they push me ten dollars. We all smile. The flight attendant says: that was very nice of you; would you like a drink? It will be on me. She tells the flight attendant pushing the other end of the cart down the narrow to bring me a glass of wine gratis..... Next, my friends next to me say they want two beers. The flight attendant, now the second one, reminds them no cash, only cards. I say, in for a dime, in for a dollar, and ok to charge these beers on my card. She brings the beers and says they are on her. This might be what you call a free gift. Cheers!