Matrix crashed: in by 9/out by 5

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Fundraising Day in New York 2015

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It's a privilege and a genuine hoot to be presenting in the advanced track of AFP's fabulous FRDNY!

Here's the program.

Advanced Fundraising Track

Personalized Philanthropy: Crash Your Fundraising Matrix
Donors seeing the term “personalized philanthropy" might wonder, “What are they talking about? Isn’t ALL philanthropy was personalized." But the truth is this is not the case. Steve Meyers shows you how conventional best practices of the fundraising matrix are hobbling philanthropy and introduces you to some new ideas on how to restore creativity to your own gift practice as a gift officer, advisor or philanthropist.
You’ll Learn To:
  • Profile four donors you encounter every day to better fine tune and personalize your gift designs
  • Apply three killer apps of personalized gift design that can help you raise more money
  • Revise your definition of philanthropy to one that works for both fundraisers and donors
Speaker:Steven L. Meyers, Ph.D., Vice President, Center for Personalized Philanthropy, American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science