September 1, 2016
Dear Friends,
I want to share the announcement of my retirement from full time employment and launch of my consulting practice sent recently by Marshall Levin, CEO of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science.
This might sound a little like a valedictory (farewell). But it is really the beginning of a new chapter and a new kind of boundary-spanning gift design practice. I am now free to roam about the country. Maybe even a little off the rails. If not to infinity and beyond, at least beyond Metro North.

For me, much of the JOY of giving comes from the Journey Outside Yourself – the partnership of current and rising generations of gift officers, advisors and donors on our shared journey in philanthropy.
I am thrilled that I will continue to assist Weizmann gift staff and supporters in a new capacity as consultant and coach on our unique brand of personalized philanthropy. (Call me.)
At the same time, I’m answering the call to launch a personalized philanthropy practice with a broader audience. I will keep writing and speaking and crashing the fundraising matrix. Things haven’t really changed. I’m still on a quest to help you create that gift of great moment.
Please contact me, connect with me and watch for news on LinkedIn.

See the PDF for the letter from Marshall …