Elite Advisor Report with Tim Belber, Phil Cubeta, Randy Fox, me and John A Warnick.
As we discussed in Part One, purposeful philanthropy is the art of thoughtfully, intentionally and purposefully integrating the passion, spirit and commitment of philanthropy into the fabric of our family system. With record numbers of boomers reaching retirement age and a new generation of younger people looking to make gifts with social impact, the landscape of philanthropy has changed dramatically. Are you and your team keeping up with client wishes?
Key Takeaways:
Corporate tax deductions for giving are limited. This is part of the reason for lower giving rates. But corporate social responsibility is on the rise. Savvy advisors are tapping into that.
Making giving into a family activity can also be helpful in preparing heirs for the responsible use of wealth.
Too many advisors overlook the key to unleashing a client’s generosity (and satisfaction with you)—understanding the client’s values and interests, and the joy that giving provides him or her

READER NOTE: Many of the contributors to this discussion will be presenting at the Purposeful Planning Institute’s Annual Rendezvous, August 5-7, 2015, in Broomfield, Colorado.