You wouldn't think so, but we live a life of danger, fundraisers.

It's a risky business. Philanthropy as an act of making something. A creative act. Design. Art. Science. Poetry.

Same process…. Discovery the disorderly act, the call to action.
Then, the rational planning and finally an act of choice of a form.
Building a structure.

Done and ship.

When you learned annual giving, major giving or planned giving did you ever think it was just about asking? Did you ever imagine it would be about making something?

Well, it can be.

In fact, think of your gift designs as a consumable, for just the person you have designed the gift for.

Your design is also a gift, but will it be accepted?

That's why every interaction with a donor is a risk.

You never know if an idea will emerge or not.

But it usually does.